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Deploying the ASP.NET KRuntime Beta1 to Azure Websites

Azure Websites currently has alpha-support for ASPNET vNext. Here's how I got beta1 working.

Using MyGet as a OneGet package source

The introduction of OneGet enables new scenarios and enables you to use MyGet in a new way!

Semantic Versioning: State your intentions please!

Migrate away from MSBuild-based NuGet package restore

NuGet package restore used to be MSBuild-based. You know that's dead right? If you still right-click and Enable Package Restore, you're doing it wrong

Awarded MVP Visual Studio ALM

Install-NuSpec with IntelliSense

Need a starting point to create a NuGet package for your project? How about a simple command creating the NuSpec for you. Install-Package NuSpec.

How to: NuGet Package Restore when sharing projects between solutions

Commit, Push, Consume: continuous delivery of ReSharper extensions

A ReSharper plugin to detect suspicious semicolons in Razor views

Semantic Versioning & auto-incremented NuGet package versions

Deploying to Azure Web Sites using NuGet package restore from a secured feed


Introducing a NuGet.exe extension for Package Source Discovery

NuGet Package Analysis: Encouraging Semantic Versioning

Guidance and caveats to produce NuGet packages with a Semantic Version.

Warm Crocodile Conference slides

Team Foundation Services Binaries folder

It seems the infamous 'Binaries' folder has been relocated in the cloud version of Team Foundation Server.


Exit 2012, Enter 2013

NuGet Package Restore using solution-specific NuGet.config

The 2.2 version of NuGet fixed hierarchical config issue with feed credentials not being picked up during package restore.

NuGet Package Restore from a secured feed

How to restore NuGet packages from a feed requiring authentication?

Update project templates to the latest NuGet packages

Tweak your Visual Studio project templates to use the NuGet packages you want by default.

NuGet & TFS Preview: a challenging combination

Debugging NuGet Package Restore

This blog post contains my checklist I use to debug issues with NuGet package restore.

Setting up your own SymbolSource Server: step-by-step

Distributing .NET Licensed components using NuGet

Installing commands into the NuGet PowerShell profile


Slides & code of MSDN Live Meeting: CI using TFS11 & NuGet

Install-NuSpec & Enable-PackagePush: create, build & push NuGet packages anywhere

Install-Package NuSpec

NuGet $version$ token explained