Install-NuSpec with IntelliSense

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If you have quite a few projects you want to get out on NuGet for the first time, it can be a little confusing to find a good starting point. My recommendation usually is to simply create a tokenized NuSpec and package your projects. Target a csproj file, and make sure there's a nuspec file in the same directory with the same name as the csproj file. NuGet will merge the two during package creation.

If you hate manipulating the file system for a single project, imagine doing this for 50 projects. Let's automate this task and preferably without leaving our Visual Studio environment. There's the NuGet Package Manager Console after all.

Well, there you go: Install-Package NuSpec
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This package will install itself in the NuGet PowerShell profile, so you can immediately uninstall it, the new cmdlets will still be available. The following new cmdlets are available:

  • Install-NuSpec <ProjectName> [-EnableIntelliSense] [-TemplatePath]
  • Enable-NuSpecIntelliSense

Happy Packaging!

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