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I'm really happy I got the opportunity to talk at the Danish Warm Crocodile Conference this week. I loved the enthousiasm and interactivity with the audience, asking some really good questions as well (resulting in some of you getting a free copy of our Pro NuGet book), so thanks for that Dear Audience!

Below you can find my slides for the two talks I did on NuGet:

Organize your chickens: NuGet for the Enterprise

Organize your chickens - NuGet for the Enterprise from Xavier Decoster

NuGet (Anti-)Patterns: Tales from the Trenches

NuGet (Anti-)Patterns - Tales from the Trenches from Xavier Decoster

Obviously the slides don't tell the whole story, otherwise there would be no talk :) I also want to stress that I'm just a guy with an opinion sharing a few experiences and lessons learned using NuGet on various occasions. There obviously might be alternative paths towards a solution depending on context, or you might have a different opinion on some of my points, but I'm not stopping you from challenging me :-)

Links to topics touched in these sessions:

I hope you liked the sessions and perhaps until next time!

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