Slides for UGIALT.NET - NuGet

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Whilst I've been sharing this wonderful EasyJet experience with Maarten Balliauw (flight delayed for 4hrs because they had to fly in a new plane with spare parts, wtf?), I enjoyed this weekends trip to Milano very much! Good* coffee, great pizza, aperitivo a la Milanese* (!), but above all: awesome audience! Thanks to everyone who joined my session during the UgiAlt.Net conference in this nice city!

Here's the abstract: Managing software dependencies, whether those created in-house or from third parties can be a pain in the behind. Whether dependencies feel like wild chickens or people run around like chickens dealing with dependencies, the NuGet package manager can be a cure. Let me guide you to creating enterprise (chicken) NuGets and dealing with them in a structured, easy-to-maintain manner. From developer workstation to build server, NuGet tastes great! This session will provide you the dip sauce.

Organize your chickens: NuGet for the enterprise (Xavier Decoster) from DotNetMarche on Vimeo.

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