Agile .NET 2011 Europe slidedeck

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Today, Maarten Balliauw and I had the pleasure of hosting a NuGet workshop at the Agile .NET Europe conference in Ghent, Belgium. We are very happy that NuGet found its place next to other very interesting sessions during this conference.

The title of our session was: "Organize your chickens: NuGet for the Enterprise".

Managing software dependencies, whether those created in-house or from third parties can be a pain in the behind. Whether dependencies feel like wild chickens or people run around like chickens dealing with dependencies, the NuGet package manager can be a cure. Let us guide you to creating enterprise (chicken) NuGets and dealing with them in a structured, easy-to-maintain manner. From developer workstation to build server, NuGet tastes great! We'll provide you with the dip sauce.

If you want to know what it's all about, please find our slidedeck below, which Maarten gracefully uploaded to SlideShare.

By all means, go through it, ask questions, send us feedback. Enjoy!

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