Silverlight Advanced ToolTips v2.2.0 released

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This release mainly contains bugfixes for issues reported by users of the library (and a big thanks to all those who even bothered supplying me with a patch!).

Here's the changelog for v2.1.1 --> v2.2.0:

  • bugfix: fixed a memory leak issue
  • bugfix: fixed an internal NullReferenceException on ToolTipService.OnElementIsEnabledChanged
  • bugfix: fixed an internal KeyNotFoundException on ToolTipService.OnElementIsEnabledChanged
  • bugfix: now properly supports binding with Fallback value when binding directly against Tooltip attached property
  • new: added read-only bindable public property "Owner" which is a reference to the FrameworkElement that owns the ToolTip

You can find the full changelog history here.

Of course, this release is now also available on NuGet, so go ahead and make a benefit of this awesome packaging system (you'll get update notifications if an updated package is made available in the future).


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