NuGet package filename mismatch between gallery and server

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Just noticed this one when setting up a corporate NuGet server implementation based on NuGet.Server.dll.

NuGet (both commandline, vs extensions and package explorer) uses the following package filename convention:


However, when you try to download a package (physically, e.g. for local/offline/archiving reasons), you'll notice there is a mismatch.

Try this one for instance:

Go ahead and try any other package/version combination available on the gallery.

Found it?

This is what you'll get:


If you want to use these packages to quickly test your own NuGet server implementation (which is what I did), you'll get a 404 Not Found.

It took me a while to figure out what was wrong, because I was still able to see the package appear in the feed (you know you're probably wrong when you're trying to mess with the server config at this point).

Solution: you'll have to rename them (replace dash with dot!)

Hope this helps someone!

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