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Using MyGet as a OneGet package source

The introduction of OneGet enables new scenarios and enables you to use MyGet in a new way!

Migrate away from MSBuild-based NuGet package restore

NuGet package restore used to be MSBuild-based. You know that's dead right? If you still right-click and Enable Package Restore, you're doing it wrong

Install-NuSpec with IntelliSense

Need a starting point to create a NuGet package for your project? How about a simple command creating the NuSpec for you. Install-Package NuSpec.

How to: NuGet Package Restore when sharing projects between solutions

Semantic Versioning & auto-incremented NuGet package versions

Introducing a NuGet.exe extension for Package Source Discovery

NuGet Package Analysis: Encouraging Semantic Versioning

Guidance and caveats to produce NuGet packages with a Semantic Version.

Warm Crocodile Conference slides

NuGet Package Restore using solution-specific NuGet.config

The 2.2 version of NuGet fixed hierarchical config issue with feed credentials not being picked up during package restore.

NuGet Package Restore from a secured feed

How to restore NuGet packages from a feed requiring authentication?

Update project templates to the latest NuGet packages

Tweak your Visual Studio project templates to use the NuGet packages you want by default.

NuGet & TFS Preview: a challenging combination

Debugging NuGet Package Restore

This blog post contains my checklist I use to debug issues with NuGet package restore.

Setting up your own SymbolSource Server: step-by-step

Distributing .NET Licensed components using NuGet

Installing commands into the NuGet PowerShell profile


Slides & code of MSDN Live Meeting: CI using TFS11 & NuGet

Install-NuSpec & Enable-PackagePush: create, build & push NuGet packages anywhere

Install-Package NuSpec

NuGet $version$ token explained

Creating ReSharper Live Templates & distribute them using NuGet

Generated AssemblyVersion for NuGet package on TFS Build

How to help yourself when NuGet goes down

MyGet tops Vanilla NuGet feeds with a Chocolatey flavor

Slides for UGIALT.NET - NuGet

Why everyone should be using a symbol server

Gently phase out support for older NuGet packages with MyGet

When using NuGet repositories in an enterprise environment, you'll one day ask yourself the question: what am I supposed to do with all these?

Install NuGet command line extensions using the Package Manager Console

Prevent TFS from adding installed NuGet packages to source control