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Exit 2012, Enter 2013

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An overview of the NuGet ecosystem

Looking at the huge NuGet ecosystem out there, it seems like many people are starting to realize what an awesome tool NuGet really is.

3 simple steps to publish a nupkg to MyGet using NuGet Package Explorer 1.6

NuGet Package Explorer extension: open dlls with ILSpy

This extension to NuGet Package Explorer allows you to quickly open dll's from the package into ILSpy.

MyGet now compatible with NuGet Package Explorer v1.5

Adding NuGet packages from the official feed to your MyGet feed: some improvements

Get your local NuGet repository online in a private MyGet feed

To facilitate the upload progress, we've now extended MyGet to allow you to upload multiple packages at once.

Announcing MyGet: NuGet-as-a-Service

Announcing MyGet: NuGet-as-a-Service on Windows Azure

What you should know before speaking at a Belgian tech conference