Silverlight 3 Advanced ToolTipService v1.5.0 released

For those of you who are using my ToolTipService available on Codeplex, you might consider an upgrade to the latest release, v1.5.0. I finally found some time to integrate the patch that fixes the databinding issues, and based on the great community feedback, I am working on some neat new features.

One of them is a smoother user experience: the tooltip now fades out instead of just disappearing. This is a new property on ToolTip, that is by default set to 0,75 seconds, but for those who don't want it, just set this property to 0, and you'll have to old behavior. Of course, you can also set the FadeOutDuration property to whatever timespan you want to use.


  • New FadeOutDuration property (default value = 0.75 seconds)
  • Fixed databinding issues


  • Ability to set your own custom animations on both ToolTip entry and exit
  • Tweak duration and delay properties to use a double/timespan instead of an integer

More info:

If you like it, please vote for it: Silverlight Uservoice.

Stay tuned for more!

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Posted by Xavier Decoster on
Last revised: 17 May, 2013 09:52 AM
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